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National Probation Service, London

National Probation Service, LondonLondon Probation

London Probation is a law enforcement agency. It is part of the National Probation Service which, together with the HM Prison Service, makes up the National Offender Management Service (NOMS).

Probation staff work with offenders to protect the public and reduce re-offending. They deliver sentences of the Courts through credible and effective community punishments including programmes to change offending behaviour.

Many of London Probation’s activities are inter-agency. As well as the Prison Service, our key partners include police; courts and sentencers; the Crown Prosecution Service; government agencies such as health, employment and education; local authorities and the Greater London Authority; voluntary and private sectors; and victims and communities.

Community Orders

Community Orders are a sentence of the court and consist of one or more requirements, including Unpaid Work (formerly community service), curfew, drug rehabilitation, supervision and programme (London Probation provides a range of evidence-based accredited programmes designed to reduce re-offending).

The purpose of a community sentence is to:

  • Provide a rigorous and effective punishment;
  • Reduce the likelihood of re-offending;
  • Rehabilitate the offender, where possible;
  • Enable reparation to be made to the community; and
  • Protect the public.

Protecting the public

To reduce re-offending and protect the public, London Probation assesses and manages offenders released from prison and those serving community sentences.

When offenders are released from prison on licence they are supervised by London Probation staff to ensure they are reintegrated into the community. Where offenders give cause for concern, probation and police monitor their behaviour and recall them to prison if necessary.

Approved premises, or probation hostels, are crucial to the management of London's most dangerous offenders. Approved premises protect the public by housing offenders who need strict supervision and surveillance.

Reports to Courts

London Probation staff prepare reports on offenders to assist magistrates and Judges in sentencing decisions.

Pre-sentence reports provide information about the offender and offence(s) committed to assist courts to decide a suitable sentence. .

London Probation reports are based on a face-to-face interview with the offender and include an offence analysis, offender assessment, assessment of the risk of harm to the public and the likelihood of re-offending, and advice on whether an offender is suitable for a community sentence.