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About us

Brighton & Hove City Council is changing the way it works to ensure that the residents of Brighton & Hove are at the heart of everything we do. Rather than having directors being responsible for specific services, the Chief Executive and strategic directors now lead a commissioning team looking at needs across the city, with eight teams delivering frontline services.

The idea is to strengthen how effective the council is at meeting needs with the resources it has, ensure we are efficient in using our resources, and engage more closely with residents and communities.

The full council meeting, made up of elected councillors is the main decision-making body. Each March, it sets the council's budget and then meets regularly throughout the year to consider recommendations from committees and other forums and receive questions, deputations and petitions. The Mayor presides over council meetings, which are held in public.


We have a wide range of jobs including teaching vacancies, social work vacancies, as well as vacancies for administrative assistants, home care workers and many more.

Current jobs