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Finding the right job is not easy, we know, as we have all been there. We work on behalf of you to put the job vacancies on the website in front of you. But we have learnt a few tricks of the trade over our 10 years experience and can help make your job search easier. We have incorporated these features and benefits into the website to help you find the right job, quickly and easily.

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Saved Search

Perform your search on Jobsgopublic and, when you find the search criteria that most closely represents the types of jobs you want to apply for, save your search. You can have as many saved searches as you want and these can be edited via your account.

The Benefit: Saves you time in searching for the jobs you want each time you visit Jobsgopublic.

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Jobs by Email

After completing and saving your search on Jobsgopublic, you can choose to receive the latest search results matching your saved search directly into your inbox.

The Benefit: The latest jobs sent straight to your email. Click on a job title for further details or to apply for the role.

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Application history

Job searching is time consuming, and more often than not, you are applying for several jobs, with different employers. Keep track of all the jobs you have applied for via your account.

The Benefit: A list of applications by date and employer, so that you can see which jobs you have applied for. You can also view your previously submitted online applications, for reference, should you be invited to interview.

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Save and resume online applications

Many employers using the Jobsgopublic system use a secure online application form for candidates to apply for their vacancies. Our system will ensure your main details are saved, including employment history, for applications made using an online application form.

The Benefit: There are several fields in application forms that do not change including your personal details and employment history. This saves a significant amount of time when filling out numerous job applications.

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Our service to you

Jobsgopublic is dedicated to providing you, the job seeker, with the best experience you can have online. We are also the ONLY job board in the UK to provide dedicated candidate support in using the website, so if you do have any technical queries, please contact the Jobsgopublic Support Team.