Case study: Setting the standard with rolling PPC recruitment ads


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Jobs Go Public has worked with the Birmingham Children’s Trust for more than a decade, providing e-recruitment and digital marketing solutions to:

Find the best talent for hard-to-fill roles

Promote the trust and the area as a great place to live and work

Widen their networks and talent pool for future vacancies.


Between January to June 2023, we have delivered:

484 applications

5,091 apply clicks directly from PPC sources.

About Birmingham Children’s Trust

Birmingham Children’s Trust makes a positive difference for children, young people and families in the city. Their recruitment campaigns focus on finding local people with the drive and passion for family social care work.

The trust has gone from strength to strength and celebrated a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating in 2023. On average, the trust has 30 children’s social work vacancies every week.

The challenge

Before working with Jobs Go Public, the team did not have an established digital recruitment strategy, including the tools to find candidates and the data to improve their approach to recruitment over time.

Due to the pace and variety of roles managed by the trust, the team required faster and more proactive hiring solutions. As a result, we:

  • Provide a flexible and reactive approach to recruitment campaigns
  • Use a mix of digital recruitment channels to improve the visibility of the trust and its job vacancies
  • Be responsive to updating vacancy and campaigns information
  • Provide ongoing support to the whole trust team.

Our solution

Our range of digital recruitment solutions are designed to complement each other but also be effective as standalone services.

Birmingham Children’s Trust first approached us to advertise their children’s social work vacancies with a Jobs Go Public branded careers microsite, which enables them to showcase their employment offer to candidates.

They then combined this with the use of our applicant tracking system.

Targeted emails help to remind this developing talent pool of the latest job opportunities, complemented by our PPC ads targeting relevant but passive jobseekers.

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Our approach to rolling PPC recruitment ads

Few online job boards also provide PPC services, but this method makes sense in a hiring environment where two-thirds of job searches start with a search engine.

Whereas standard PPC campaigns allocate an entire budget to a specific event or time period, rolling PPC ads for Birmingham Children’s Trust are live constantly every month for social workers and senior social workers.

As a result, we continuously gather insights on which platforms perform best, and which times of the year are more successful, then allocate the budget accordingly across the year.

A female teacher in a white blouse and pink blazer is standing next to a student helping her with work in her exercise bookOur PPC platforms for this client are:

  • Appcast
  • Bing advertising
  • Google advertising

We measure the success of a campaign by analysing:

  • Click-through rates across all platforms
  • Total apply clicks
  • Total views
  • The total number of applications per month
  • An excellent top-of-page rate: the percentage of ads that appear at the top of a search engine page in a candidate job search.


Over six months, between January and June 2023, our rolling PPC campaign produced:

43,217 vacancy views directly from PPC sources

5,091 apply clicks in 2023 directly from PPC sources

453 applications in 2023 directly from PPC sources

An average click-through rate (CTR) of 45% since January

Top of the page rate of 82% since January

The success of rolling PPC campaigns

Birmingham Children’s Trust benefits from years of recruitment data that we have built up through our ATS and PPC campaigns. These insights help to optimise future campaigns, and platforms like Google are better suited to long-standing PPC campaigns.

The team feels confident to promote the full range of their vacancies with Jobs Go Public, and we regularly discuss new campaigns to attract even more candidates.

Our role is to be an active part of their hiring process, and our rolling PPC campaigns enable us to be responsive and flexible to match the scale of new roles coming through the door at the trust.

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What our client says: 

“We feel like a valued client. Jobs Go Public look to help us with anything that we ask for, and it all gets done really quickly. The team are very responsive when we need jobs advertised, targeted emails and development work that we may need. If our staff have problems finding recruitment information online, the Jobs Go Public support desk is there to help us quickly.”

- Melissa McPherson, HR Consultant

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